Hunting at the Schwiening Ranch

Whitetail, Axis, Sika, Turkey, and Hogs

This family owned ranch is located in Kimble County on the North Llano River west of Roosevelt.

Weekend Hunts are available and they make great birthday presents!

Wildlife available include: Whitetail, Axis, Turkey, Sika, Hogs, and Fishing

We have two cabins.  The Bunkhouse is a small open room with two beds, mini-fridge, coffee pot, microwave, shower and bathroom ($85 per night)  The Suites has 3 bedrooms, mini-fridge, coffee pot, microwave, BBQ pit, fire pit, shower and bathroom ($175 per night).

We can help you clean/cape your deer and quarter it up to be transported to your processor or taxidermist.

For pricing regarding Weekend hunts, please contact Bryan Schwiening at 512-423-1877 or .

Hunts go from Friday at 1:00 to Sunday at 2:00 for a minimum of two hunters in each party.  Hunts are $250 for each person.  There is also a game fee for each animal harvested.